The cellar and the wine

the work in the wine cellar

 The Cuckoo calls … – our wine

It is a very characterful wine that stands out from many organic wines with its peculiarity and high quality. As mineral, fruity, fresh and persistent, it inspires almost everyone and is long remembered on the palate and in the mind.
Recommendation: Due to its freshness and minerality, the Kuckuck wine is best enjoyed as an aperitif wine and with starters and fish dishes.

Serving temperature: the ideal drinking temperature is between 12 and 14 degrees C

Günther Erschbaumer

Günther Erschbaumer, enologist, has been responsible for the wine from the very beginning.

He is actually more than just a simple cellar master: a true professional who raises and educates the cuckoo with great skill and sensitivity, without taking away his real character and naturalness, “communicates” with him and accompanies him on his career. It is he who helps our cuckoo to its final and splendid appearance – authentic and unique, just like a cuckoo is!


Kuckuck white

Our “Cuckoo White” is a cuvée of approx. 30% Solaris (crossing wild grape with Riesling) for the acid and 70% Muscaris (crossing wild grape with Muscatel) for the fruit. The majority is aged in steel barrels, a small part of it in new barriques and the rest as orange wine (spontaneous fermentation – pure nature).

Depending on the vintage, the wine has between 12.5 and 13.5% alcohol by volume.

It is noteworthy that this excellent organic wine can be stored very well, older vintages are surprisingly fresh and have a special acidity and wonderful fruit.

Kuckuck red

Our “Kuckuck rot” is a blend of Cabernet Jura (cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and wild grape) and Cabernet Cortis in roughly equal parts and is currently only matured in barriques.

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