logically biological

the birds voice – our estate’s philosophy

Nature and the conscious use of it is very important to us. Our vineyards, fruit trees and berry bushes are therefore clean of any chemical sprays.

Garden Session | Tumulti – th the Vogelsanghof


Manfred is the farmer who cares for the Vogelsanghof with heart and passion and does it almost exclusively by hand, i.e. without large machines and in between you can always find traces of Christiane‘s herb hands.

Karin and Walter are the farm owners and driving forces behind it all. And so we manage to live a dream with united forces and the help of many good friends.

But not only we, “the Vogelsang troop”, can enjoy this natural landscape, but also all of our animals: Nello and Micki the donkey, Karin the goat and all the poultry with their offspring.

Logically biological

Bioland stands for biodiversity, animal welfare, regionality and guarantees that we only produce high-quality food, the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner, the soil is fertile for a large number of animals, insects and herbs.


In 2017, 8 organic winegrowers of the valley of Eisack  joined together to form the BioWeis group (Bio-Wein-Eisack Valley) and in May there was the first tasting where the winegrowers presented their selected organic wines.

The wine festival “BioWeis”

The wine festival is alternately organized annually by a member of the group and held at the respective winery. It is a look behind the scenes, which gives a deep insight into the production of these high quality organic wines and their own science: love of working with nature, patience, knowledge, experience, trial and error – it’ seems quite simple, but certainly it isn’t. After all it is very satisfying when the wine succeeds in such a way that it can even pass the critical noses and palates of fellow winemakers. (Excerpts from the press report by Elisabeth Stürz: “Stubborn Heads – Extraordinary Wines”)

now the Bioweis group constists of the following estates:

  • Vogelsanghof
  • Rielinger, Zöhlhof and Dolomytos from Ritten
  • Garlider and Radoar from Feldthurns
  • Burgerhof from Brixen
  • Santerhof from Mühlbach and
  • Huaberhof from Teis

The harvest - a festival among friends

In this sense, the harvest is also a get-together and a really big celebration among friends every year: the common swimming and bringing in the grapes, the cellar and the cozy get-together afterwards with food and drink to end the beautiful day in good company.